About Us

A diagram of our model locomotive parts, indicating their respective positions on a model.

New Brand for an Old Company

Steel River Engineering Ltd was established in 2019 following the acquisition of AHB Services – a family run business operating near Norwich which has been offering engineering services and machining for almost 40 years.

Our primary focus and passion is the manufacture of full detail, scale miniature components for the model railway industry. We are now one of the very few British manufacturers of scale model parts and are proud to keep the industry alive.

Firebox flexible stays.

A Bit Different from the Rest

That same combination of machinery, tools and attention to detail that has enabled us to produce incredibly intricate components (some as tiny as a pin head!) goes beyond model railway parts. Our equipment and know-how can be tailored to your needs and put to task on a wide variety of applications.

And we don't just do the small stuff! Our barfed CNC turning capacity is 51mm (2 inch) and if you need something bigger we can machine individual parts up to 280mm (11inch) in diameter.

We understand that choosing the right engineering services for your project can be a difficult task. This is why we're happy to spend as long as it takes with a customer to get things right. Whether it's exchanging drawings and ideas via email, chatting over the phone or providing prototype parts, you will always feel like you're getting a personal service. Because you are!

Some examples of our model locomotive precision-made parts.

Made in Great Britain

We're extremely proud to be able to offer discerning customers a high quality and local alternative to mass-produced overseas machining.

"Made in Great Britain used to mean something! We hope it will again one day" Sean Mackenzie - Director