Model Railway Parts

Your passion is our business!  

We take pride in our capability to precision manufacture quality scale parts for model railways.  Whether it be spare and replacement parts or custom components for your next project, you can call on our years of expertise in engineering services to make the most of your hobby!

If you're putting something really special together, why not check out our 24k gold plating service.

A Track Record With Business

Boxes of business orders ready to be shipped.

Not only do we supply hobbyists, we also have long standing business relations with some of the biggest distributors in the UK, who produce the largest range of precision-made locomotive kits in the world. As you scale up, so do we.

In Every Scale

A model locomotive.

We produce model locomotive parts in every scale O, OO, HO and more!

No Job Too Small

Handrail knobs for model locomotives with a 5 pence piece for scale.

Is that much needed axle out of production? Can't find those spare buffers? Or are you looking for something truly unique to bring your model to life? As an engineering services company, we'll happily machine model railway parts to specification. You're in safe hands.