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We Plate Almost Anything Metal

Electroplating is a process through which we can apply a specific metal finish to anything that is electrically conductive. Using this process, we can plate The object that is being plated is immersed in an electrolyte and connected to an external electrical current. 

The metal to be used as the coating is also immersed and connected to the positive terminal. Electrolysis causes the metal from the salts in the solution to transfer from the metal source to the object to be coated. The amount of metal deposited is referred to as number of microns of plating.

Our chemical tank plating processes are suitable for batches up to approximately 1kg or single items that would fit within a 200mm square.


Chemical blacking


Extra Protection

Chemical blacking increases corrosion resistance of mild steel components that would otherwise be susceptible to rust.

Style and Practicality

Many customers turn to chemical blacking for its aesthetic, as it creates a distinctive satin black finish. However, it  also reduces glare and allows fixtures and components to visually stand out.

Retain Uniform Precision

Unlike plating, a key benefit of blackening is virtually zero dimensional impact of the coating on a workpiece surface (usually about a micron!)  As such, it is an excellent means to treat a component while ensuring uniform precision.